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Fashion Information Management System

We provide secure Technology Solutions so that you can become a client-focused pro!

We understand how frustrating it is to have your IT systems fail when you need them the most.

Vihana Fashions has professional consultants who have loads of experience in helping business professionals accomplish their dreams! In fact, our team has been resolving IT problems for savvy professionals like you, for over a decade.

How Vihana Fashions Works.

  • We will analyze your current network environment.
  • Create a custom strategy that is a best fit for your business.
  • You become a client-focused pro.

You Deserve to Have Your Technology Just Work!

  • Cyber Security:We will train your employees to help protect your sensitive data
  • Technology Services:All of your IT systems are managed at lesser cost.
  • Data Backup & Recovery:Don’t let an unexpected event to ruin your business.
  • Network Security:We help you keep your company’s data safe.
  • VoIP Services:Discover how a unified communication system can simplify your life

Transforming Technology Into Systems That Just Work

Eliminate The Burden

Technology should make your life easier, not harder

Increase Productivity

Get a custom IT solution that makes your unit more efficient

More Time In The Day

Stop wasting valuable time fighting with technology

Safety & Security

Secure your records to prevent data loss

Budget Stabilization

Proactive IT management at lesser cost. No hidden surprises

Mystique Earth for Fashion Show Organisers

Vihana Fashions: For Big Shows

Before a fashion show can take place in India, a lot of things have to be planned and organized. Each fashion show is unique - we make sure that nothing goes wrong during the process. Our designers and the organizers contact each other months before an event, plan everything to the last detail, then PR agencies are added, and finally, the big day arrives.

We would have everything there: From clients, editors, bloggers, models, to media representatives. We also consider few aspects of marketing after the event to make sure everything is perfect.

The fashion industry is reckoning with itself at every level, from its exclusive practices to the systemic racism built into this model. Vihara Fashions makes the necessary changes for your business that is needed to happen behind the scenes to flow with modernization in the industry.

The fashion industry and especially the Indian fashion industry have always been skeptical about adapting new technologies as it has always been a risk in the market. We bridge the gap between fashion and technology by making radical reformations to your business’s most visible touchpoint, the fashion show

A fashion show is a media that needs extensive planning. In addition to the models, the location, and the designer fashion, other elements play an important role. From the music, to the lighting, to the guest service, there are some points that can make your fashion show a complete success. We help your show conveying a consistent image, where customers, bloggers and media representatives, arouse corresponding emotions in all guests when the models walk the catwalk with your new fashion collection.

We offer:

  • Preparation, Organization
  • Effect and Show.
  • Model Casting and Booking.
  • Plan of Arrival and Departure, overnight stays (if necessary, desired).
  • Check Fitting, Rehearsal, Choreography.
  • Runway music editing, show-optimized.
  • Moderation, if necessary.
  • Contracts, Customer agreements.
  • General Rehearsal, Schedules, Flowcharts.
  • Clothing protocol, handover at the end.
  • Client Meetings.

We at Vihana Fashions, help upcoming fashion designers to organize fashion shows and provide an effective platform to receive maximum exposure for your exclusive line of products. Our team of professionals ensures that the event is planned according to your specifications, needs and desires and collection to be displayed.

We understand the hard work and dedication you have put into creating an amazing collection. We work to the best of our abilities and brainstorm different ideas and help you organize fashion shows that allow you to perfectly showcase your collection to the audience.

Get your brand noticed with our well-planned fashion shows of international standard!